Please note that due to COVID-19 and regulations by the School District of Lancaster may change our KinderSee dates. If you have any questions about scheduling your child or an upcoming appointment, please call 717-541-9700.

Children seen through the KinderSee Clinic are seen at
George Washington Elementary School in Lancaster City.glasses

KinderSee is a eye clinic  located in George Washington Elementary School. Children who have medical eye issues throughout Lancaster County can be seen for treatment and glasses.
KinderSee is a pediatric ophthalmology clinic located in George Washington Elementary School. David I. Silbert, MD, FAAP, a pediatric ophthalmologist,  performs comprehensive eye exams on children who have failed a vision screening, have a family history of eye disorders, or who have medical eye issues which need to be monitored.

Students throughout Lancaster County can be seen at KinderSee.
If your child is eligible, the exam can take place during the regular school day and is provided at no out-of-pocket cost to you.

As you are probably aware, it is very important to identify eye issues when a child is young, so that they can be treated as soon as possible to prevent vision loss. Proper vision correction can dramatically improve a child’s learning experience in and out of school and can prevent vision loss.